FOSDEM PGDay 2014 will be held on Jan 31st in Brussels, Belgium, at the Radisson Blu Royal hotel. As an extension to the regular PostgreSQL devroom at FOSDEM, it will cover topics for PostgreSQL users, developers and contributors, and anybody else interested in PostgreSQL.

This site will contain information about both the PGDay and the PostgreSQL devroom during FOSDEM.

PGDay.EU 2010 group picture
phpPgAdmin Group
Greg Smith talking 2011
2011 Attendees
Ram Mohan talking 2011
Audience 2011
Closing session 2009
Slonik in 2011 conference
Audience during PGDay.EU 2010
Bruce Momjian talking 2011
Audience 2011
Bruce Momjian 2011
Speakers in 2011
Audience during PGDay.EU 2009
2011 Google summer of code students and mentors
Heikki talking 2011
Attendees in break 2011
Playing chess with PostgreSQL
Audience during PGDay.EU 2010
Dave Page during closing session
Ed Boyajian's closing keynote in 2010
The 2010 registration desk
Simon Phipp's opening keynote in 2010
Bruce Momjian
Preparing nametags for PGDay.EU 2010
Speakers in 2011
2011 Speakers
2011 Attendees
Audience during PGDay.EU 2010
Closing session 2010
Magnus Hagander talking 2011



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